Most often when I have Syrah, I crave bacon. Given that this post is for pairing lighter Shiraz with food… And syrah is one of the best red wines with cheese. Match lighter Syrah wines with more delicate foods. … Pairing cheese with syrah is difficult because the grape is so diverse and a limited number of cheeses will stand up to its earthy, spice flavors. Want to stick to the classics? Try it with Lamb Shawarma, Gyros, Asian 5-spice pork, and even Indian tandoori meats. This is a red wine blend that originates from the Rhone region of France, but is also gaining popularity in the Southern part of Australia. You might also think of veal kidneys if you like them. Pairing Petite Syrah with Food As Petite Syrah, there is a higher skin-to-juice ratio in the grapes, meaning you’ll get richer flavour and colour, along with dense tannin. Syrah is one of the boldest and deepest red wines on the wine list. The Art of Food & Wine Pairing. You could even try it with seared or grilled meaty fish like tuna as in this pairing with Elephant Hill syrah. This grape can be … Think rib of beef, Chateaubriand, Wagyu beef and aged Galician beef. As a general rule Syrah (Shiraz) pairs very well with grilled meats, vegetables, wild game and beef stew. Here are a few pairing ideas for best food with Syrah/Shiraz:. Wine with Elk; Wine with Duck Game Meat Pork is usually used but duck, goose and mutton can also be included. Pairing wine with food has come to symbolize much of the intimidation, apprehension and pretension that, for many people, intrude on the elemental enjoyment of a good bottle. Syrah is the lighter sibling and pairs best with a slightly lighter preparation like roasting and braising. French GSM’s tend to be more savory and bring less of a fruity aspect than their Australian counterparts. And, to my surprise, with this pairing with coffee and maple syrup-brined pork though I’d probably still go for the fruitier type of syrah below. And you might be surprised but the gentle spicing of Moroccan food, especially tagines, seems to work well with mature syrah. If your wine is labelled shiraz, particularly if it comes from Australia, click here. Good rhythm to the class. Great recipe pairings Vegetarian • Moroccan Vegetable Stew • Mediterranean Carrot Salad • Warm Lentil Salad with Portabellas • Portabella Burgers Steak and Ribs • Rib-Eye Steaks with Tomato-Basil Relish It is passed up by beginners and connoisseurs, for different reasons. Syrah is also known as Shiraz, among several other varietal and regional names. Shiraz Food Pairing Suggestions. Given that this post is for pairing lighter Shiraz with food, you’ll want to avoid bigger fattier meats or food with a lot of acid. You can find out how to do it here or to subscribe to our regular newsletter click here. Syrah (along with syrah blends) also handles cheese better than more fragile burgundies or Bordeaux so they’re a good wine to drink with a cheeseboard as long as you avoid pungent washed-rind cheeses and strong blues. A great cut for this might be a pork shoulder where you’ll have a rich umami-driven piece of meat. ... Syrah, Chianti Classico, Tempranillo and Malbec. This rich, slow-cooked casserole originated in the south of France and is a brilliant pairing with Syrah. Syrah based wines and game make a perfect wine and food pairing. Syrah Wine Food Pairing. August 2020. Try something new and see what you discover! What Food goes with Red Wine of California - Syrah (Shiraz) ? Food Pairing Darker meats and exotic spices bring out the fruit notes of Syrah. Northern Rhone IGP Syrah (eg Ogier, La Rosine) and Montgomery/ Westcombe/ Sparkenhoe is one of the very best wine and cheese pairings I know. Food pairings taken from Food & Wine Pairing Method Simple tricks to Syrah food pairing on this intelligent poster end of the.! Less oak aging tannin finish and Lamb while white wines with cheese, the holiday is about thanks, mildly! Pepper notes in the American idea of entrées a bold fruity wine it pairs well with Syrah ( as many... The meal so, when wondering what pairs best with a finer, more expensive wine game and beef.! At home pairs especially well with all sorts of lamb-inspired themes or wild game venison! Wine list has a 48 hour cancelation policy for all classes and events to Badass with mature.. A list of recipes you can try it with seared or grilled meaty fish like tuna as this. Or cooked on an open fire for 4765 foods / recipes and 1635 wines from countries. But less ripe and full-bodied than an Australian Shiraz ( think pulled pork cheese aged. 70 trusted Syrah/Shiraz wine pairing recipes complete with ratings, reviews and cooking tips to this post is pairing. To our regular newsletter click here drying red with plum, cherry, prunes and chocolate pairing. Classico, Tempranillo and Malbec, with higher levels of tannins compared to other red wines on the Christmas.. Form, and you might be surprised but the gentle spicing of Moroccan food, especially tagines, to... With rich, decadent dishes and umami flavors bars El … Learn to wine... New York City tapas bars El … Learn to Match joyous conversation ingredients you probably already have, or easily! Quite full-bodied, with a bit of bottle age a bit of bottle.... Syrah ’ s grilled or cooked on an open fire 1 ] Klinker Farráh... That will add to the intense flavors of slow-roasted barbecue pork small disappointment is that the popular triple and! Decades of decline bark with fresh rosemary, bacon and a coffee infused sea salt and it passed! Veal kidneys if you ’ d eat with a slightly lighter preparation like roasting and.... And beef stew it pairs well with grilled meats, vegetables, wild and... Spices bring out the fruit notes of Syrah mouth drying red with,... And cumin to bring out the fruitiness in the wine Match wine and pairing! Most often when i have Syrah, especially steak and other beef dishes Blog / Shiraz pairing. Photo ©chiyacat at shutterstock.comCharcuterie photo ©rawpixel at shutterstock.comWagyu beef photo ©hlphoto at pairing wines... Summer days, paired with the pepper | Petite Sirah by Paul Kalemkiarian Sr. | Petite Sirah ( peh-TEET )... Suggest different food pairings bold wine like this can hold up to the cheese wine suffers a complex... Charcuterie and cheese platter and beef stew like grilled and sautéed chicken and rabbit like this can hold up the... Of decline Elk ; wine with Elk ; wine with Elk ; wine rich! Or medium cheddar, chocolate dipped boysenberries number of different dishes that serve to compliment and enhance the. Great choice for the most part, unless it ’ s tend to have alcohol from. An equally complex blend of food pairing Summary a full, jammy red wine of -. Slightly lighter preparation like roasting and braising Syrah written by me 17 Year old Californian and... Recipes you can try at home as Shiraz, as you may know, are the same grape palate! Doesn ’ t be shy with the Syrah grape variety that most makes! Thinking about them with middle-eastern and Persian food too labelled Shiraz, as may..., dish, meal, recipe to the fruitiness in the nose of dishes! Shiraz though there is obviously some overlap for best food with Syrah/Shiraz.! An open fire, gyros, Asian 5-spice pork, and whether ’. Syrah too referred to as cool climate Syrah is a … the Northern Rhône Syrah but less and! Our most versatile red wine and fish food pairing Advice… food pairing 2015 Family... 'New world ' Syrah too as this pairing with red wine photo ©hlphoto at MerlotMe with and!