Rated 5 out of 5 by compulsorynickname from Good brake pads: originals getting close! IMBA Epics | It comes stock with the D01 resin pads, but you can easily upgrade to their metal pads once you’re due a pad change, adding some extra power and life. Free postage. yes, I removed and bangged the hell out of the caliper. We have found 10 All Products, 2 Pads and 8 Discs. There are a few drawbacks to these brakes when you compare to their more expensive siblings in the Shimano range. In terms of fitting and setup, these are as easy as any other Shimano brake. We use SagePay to store and process your payments. In response to customer demand, EBC Brakes are happy to now facilitate manufacturer assured installation of our performance brake products. Our highly skilled professional brake technicians, coupled with a workshop fitted out with Gedore tools and specialised brake installation machinery, aim to offer a brake installation service that is second to none. This creates great components that are affordable by us mere mortals. With regard to bleeding, they bleed just as easily as any other Shimano brake on the market. Reader review by Owen Franssen | Trail/Enduro/Gravity rider Instagram: @emerald_mtb. Terms | Privacy, First published October 29, 2018 @ 5:30:10. Best MTB Gear | Using 4 opposed pistons with 2 diferent diameters reduces pad wear and increases control. In the real world, this is a remarkably powerful brake for the money, and makes a great upgrade to the stock SRAM Guide R brakes on my bike. Honestly, I’ve yet to use anything better in this price bracket. Features - BR-MT520 D01S Resin. Security is one of our number one priorities. Developed for the rapidly expanding eMTB market, the BR-MT520 is Shimano’s latest 4-piston brake offering. Shimano MT501/MT520 I-Spec 2 Compatible Disc Brake Kit (0) MADMT501BLF Powerful disc brakes with 4-piston calipers. It’s worth noting that the Icetech-finned pads do not fit unless you trim the fins a little with a rotary tool. I don’t see why it wouldn’t, most of shimano’s levers are cross compatible. Step 2. It looks to be a good option, not just for e-bikes but also for regular trail riders looking for a bit more power for a few less pounds. Offers excellent power & control in all conditions. £76.94. Get it Tuesday, Nov 10. item 6 4 Piston Disc Brake Shimano BR-MT520 Black Front Or Rear 6 - 4 Piston Disc Brake Shimano BR-MT520 Black Front Or Rear. For your money, you get ceramic pistons, the MT501 lever with servo-wave and I-spec II compatibility, and the monster 4-piston caliper. It features a fully bled lever and a caliper which comes without adaptors or rotors allowing you the freedom to customise them to suit your riding preferences. The hydraulic disc brake from Shimano with ergonomic 2-finger brake lever BL-MT501 and 4-piston caliper BR-MT520 is the benchmark for cost-effective performance brake systems. I already have Deore brakes so it would be cheaper for me to upgrade ??????? I think they’d have more power and at least as much heat management capability, even without finned pads. can you please explain me how?! The EBC Brakes disc is a direct size for size replacement for any disc brake system fitted with a 160mm size original disc. They are very similar in feel, though having not ridden the M8020 in anger I couldn’t give a complete comparison. e-mail: centreofexcellence@ebcbrakes.com for workshop availability and bookings. As mentioned earlier, the levers lack a free-stroke adjust, and the reach adjust is not tool-free. Simple, reliable and powerful, the compact lever offers genuine one-finger stopping, the mineral oil is nice to … The callipers don’t work with finned pads without modifying the pads. The MT520 caliper is their only 4-piston caliper that doesn’t look identical to the others in their range (Saint, Zee, XT). Just a top bleed with a bleed funnel and some mineral oil should fix this. EBC Brakes are now offering manufacturer installation on all automotive parts purchased through EBC Direct website. The existing 180mm disc will convert into a 203mm full circle type brake disc with this kit. Quick look at the #Shimano #Deore #brakes, side-by-side, two generations: M615 vs M6000. I had a lot of squealing and I didn’t have a sustained downhill long enough to get the rotor/pads hot. I have already bleeded some other Shimano brakes with no problem at all! I would however love to see a shootout between the two brakes. On a gradual descending slope, drag each brake for 20-30 seconds, alternating between front and rear. £83.09 + £13.46 postage. No options available. 99. Your credit details are not stored on this web site. Qty. This simple to install conversion kit upgrades your stopping power by up to 20%. For road and mountain bikes, hybrid or kids’ bikes, Shimano offers a brake that will make an immediate upgrade. Super impressed. With all of Shimano’s tech aiming at reducing heat build-up, such as ceramic pistons, larger braking surface etc., the MT520 should be quite difficult to overheat. I have followed shimano instructions, I have seen YouTube videos on this and the fricking break still retains air inside and doesn’t work properly. The levers have a split clamp, so no need to remove your grips and/or shifters to fit them. Two years. Do you know if the MT 520 caliper would work with M6000 brake leaver? No matter what bike you ride, there’s a Shimano brake that will suit it, upgrading it to a better performer. To sign up for our Newsletter, and other benefits sign up to 'My Garage' now! For me, the race was about finishing and this caliper/lever setup was super dependable the whole weekend. The Shimano Deore BL-MT501 brake lever combines smooth design with stable performance. The MT520 is technically a non-series Shimano component, though it’s essentially the Deore equivalent of their XT 4-piston brakes. Click on the relevent tab to view your parts. Mountain Bike Deals, Copyright 2020 Blue Spruce Ventures LLC | Ergonomic lever is ideal for one-finger braking. Shimano Tiagra 4725 2x10 Speed Disc Brake; £179.99 - £189.99; RRP £229.99 SAVE UP TO 22% -- SELECT OPTION --Please select an option. I often find that it helps to remove the caliper from the bike and let it hang down to ensure that it’s the lowest point in the system. Bookings subject to availability. That’s why he’s saying these are an upgrade. Really don’t see how these are an “upgrade” to Sram guide brakes. The MT520s have a solid bite point, though as with all Shimano brakes, this means less modulation than other brakes. The MT520 is technically a non-series Shimano component, though it’s essentially the Deore equivalent of their XT 4-piston brakes. For stiffness the master cylinder features a highly rigid construction. Where the brake rotor is unhardened and the use of a resin pad is recommended, this range of EBC Brakes X-Country bicycle replacement brake pads is the perfect choice due to low rotor abrasion features and it delivers long lifetime and excellent stopping power. 5% coupon applied at checkout Save 5% with voucher. They’re not flashy, but for the money the MT520s have some brutal stopping power. I was wandering if there isn’t a reservoir volume difference or something. Avid Elixir 9 Hydraulic Disc Brake Review. Part of what makes lower price level Shimano component groups so great is that they tend to trickle their technology down from their higher-end parts. You just learn to use a lighter touch than with other brakes. The calipers mount easily, and centered up for me on the first attempt – which is not always the case with 4-pot brakes. No issues aside from inverting the bike (as I mentioned before). I can say they don’t feel noticeably heavy. There are several different brakes (M506, M446, M416, M396, M355) produced for original bike fit and aftermarket sales under the Deore name, but the most expensive Shimano … Danny1920 Posts: 51. Loading... Black . This means that they compromise slightly on things like aesthetics, weight, and adjustability, but still retain their legendary performance and reliability. I had to replace a non-series MT4xx (can’t remember the exact #) brake after the piston seals went on it. Repeat 3-4 times. The loss of pressure that you’re noting is air in the system, they just need a bleed. How long have you had it? DESCRIPTION 1 Y8KH98010 Connecting Bolt Unit 2 Y8JA98020 Olive & Connecter Insert 3 Y8WM14000 Cover 4 Y8H198030 TL-BH61 Special Tool (2 pcs.) I did use the 203 rotor from the previous setup as it was only a month old, so maybe that was it. The lever blades lack the dimpled texture of the better brakes. these were supposed to be good and easy…. the tubbing is almost straight. Whilst we aim to serve all of our customers, due to the level of demand and the Centre of Excellence also being used for R&D purposes, it may not always be possible to facilitate your booking. FREE Delivery on your first … All your orders can be tracked live with UPS, just click on 'Track Your Orders'. I was impressed by these and running theses on 2 bikes should allow direct comparison with the newer compound shimano resin pads. Brakes; Shimano BL-MT501/BR-MT520 Hydraulic Disc Brake; 94.99 £94.99. BR-MT520 Brake Caliper SM-BH90-SS Brake Hose RT-EM900/RT-EM800 Disc Rotor SHIMANO CODE NO. So, comparing these to XT M8000 2 pistons (both the same price on sale it seems), which is the choice? An international bolt spaced standard relocation bracket is included to aid in repositioning stock calipers in alignment with new oversize disc. Shimano BL-MT501-BR-MT520 4 Pot Disc Brake isn’t rubbish, it actually scored very highly. Not a big deal practically speaking, but worth noting. The lever blade is also the same as other Shimano brakes — I find that they fit the shape of my hand nicely and I like the short blade, though it’s not to everyone’s tastes. SHIMANO BR-MT520 . The MT520s have ceramic pistons which go a long way to help here. I have no trouble locking up a big grippy tire when I want to, and I find I have less arm pump when attacking steep, rough, sustained descents, with plenty of power on tap. I’ve done pad replacements before without changing rotors and had more success, but those were smaller area 2-piston pads, and I think getting them hot is key. Aesthetically speaking, they are fairly bland and basic. Shimano brakes are known for their reliability and fantastic performance. Enter your email address to receive our top stories via email each week. Shimano BL-MT501/BR-MT520 4 Pot Disc Brake Shimano MT501 4 Pot Disc Brake This superb four-piston disc brake is specifically designed for MTB use as it offers fast and precise braking performance all across the mountain. A 203/180mm combo works great on my trail bike, and in truth I could probably get away with a 180mm on the front. Contact the above e-mail and we will process your payment on the day of installation. Couple this with one of their RT86 Icetech rotors as I have done, and you’ve got a killer brake set at a pretty affordable price. The vehicle must be dropped off at EBC Brakes World Headquarters, Northampton, NN4 9EF. I’ve spent a lot of time on guides and I appreciate that you’ve had no problems with them – nor did I aside from the occasional bleed. An international bolt spaced standard relocation bracket is included to aid in repositioning stock calipers in alignment with new oversize disc. My first impressions of these brakes are that they bleed easy(ish) but are a tad finicky to set up the bite point to your preference. Support Us | >>> The best mountain bike disc brakes. This can help clear any air bubbles stuck in the caliper. Shimano MT520 Developed to handle the added weight and power of e-MTBs, the Shimano MT520 brake uses 4-piston callipers to guarantee superior stopping power no matter the conditions. Often when bleeding the rear brake, the hose doesn’t have a straight line bottom to top – there needs to be nowhere for the air to get trapped. I’m really liking them a lot on my new Slash. With Shimano in the original text: 90% of the braking power of the BR-M520 (good if you can speak Japanese and English). Best Tek Bike Brake Pads, Disc Brake Pads for Shimano M315 M355 M515 M525 C501 C601 M375 M395 M415 M416 M446 M465 M475 M485 M486 And Replacement Other Same Desgin Bicycle Disc Brake Pads (2 Pairs) 4.4 out of 5 stars 274. I find that this is personal preference however, and I personally have no problem applying the right amount of power for the situation. This simple to install conversion kit upgrades your stopping power by up to 20%. While it didn’t take long to setup the caliper and lever on the front end, getting the pads/rotor bedded in took a few weeks to get dialed in. All Calliper brakes are delivered free to the UK mainland*, 365 day returns & Price Match. About Us | We have found 10 All Products, 2 Pads and 8 Discs. It handled 15kft descending in two days without a squeak. Shimano Brakes. The hose connects to the calliper via an in-line connector rather than a banjo, so you can’t adjust the hose angle/routing quite as nicely. The statement that this brake has 90% more braking power compared to BR-MT520 is incorrect. Thank you! The hydraulic 4-Pistons disc brake caliper Shimano BR-MT520 for front or rear with Post-Mount and D01S Resin disc pads. 5 Y83098040 SM-HANG Hose Supporter A & B 6 Y8B214000 Bleed Nipple Cap 7 Y8ES98020 Bleed Nipple & Seal Ring 8 Y8CL24100 Bleed Nipple 9 … Singletracks may receive compensation for purchases made through affiliate links in this article. One comment from my experience — the finned Shimano pads for Zee brakes (H03C) work without modification in the rear caliper, but not the front. Shimano Deore M6000 disc brake keeps bumping up the standard of what a budget stopper can really be, premium performance with a great price. Sintered pads are not suitable for use with these systems as they generate too much heat, therefore we recommend using the "R" suffix brake pads. Shimano GRX 810 Brake Caliper; £53.00 - £74.99; RRP £69.99 - £74.99 SAVE UP TO 24% -- SELECT OPTION --Please select an option. If you’re a gram counter, these brakes probably aren’t on your radar anyway. Shimano has just launched a new cheaper brake under the radar. Based on my testing, this certainly holds true. £7.99 £ 7. $149.99. Maybe it doesn’t have enough fluid? The Shimano Zee M640 disc brake comes with a Servo-Wave brake lever, 4-piston ceramic disc brake caliper, high-power hose and short lever for stiffness. SHIMANO - 4-Piston - Hydraulic Disc Brake Caliper - MTB With a strong, 4-piston design, the SHIMANO MT520 hydraulic disc brake boosts rider confidence and enjoyment. Some brake systems use nylon or plastic fluid lines which are prone to softening and swelling when overheated. I’ve been running an MT520 front lever/caliper for 3 months now. I have a race this Sunday…. Having said all of this, none of these things actually affect the operation of the brakes. When you invert the bike, air makes its way from the reservoir into the master cylinder, then back into the reservoir when you right the bike and pump the brakes. Part of what makes lower price level Shimano component groups so great is that they tend to trickle their technology down from their higher-end parts. Description of Shimano BR-MT520 Hydraulic Disc Brake Caliper - Postmount - black Despite its 4-piston design, the BR-MT520 brake caliper has the same slim design as its counterpart with 2-pistons, the BR-MT500 caliper. High power brake performance boosts rider confidence and enjoyment Wider contact area of dual diameter opposed-piston design I also didn’t experience fade or floating bite point at all during the 30 mins of downhill, and the power was again, dependable. On the trail, power is noticeably a bit higher and punchier than deore 2-pistons, modulation seemed about identical if not a tiny bit more grabby, and heat management is WAY better. Widgets, Explore   Free Mainland GB Shipping for orders over £50, NEXT WORKING DAY DELIVERY FOR ORDERS BY 14.00GMT OR 11.00GMT (FRI ONLY), EBC Brakes Oversize Bicycle Disc With Bracket, For trekking, cross country use or riding for pleasure, Low rotor damage and minimal heat transfer, Ultra lightweight vee profile for better braking, Suitable for use with any type of brake pad, @ebcbrakes are looking for a talented Brake Caliper Lead Design Engineer to join the dynamic and expanding EBC Raci…, @ebcbrakes has a vacancy for a full-time production operative based at our World HQ in Northampton. Shimano BR-MT520 E7000 STEPS Caliper. Then pumping the lever a few times to firm it up. ” regard to bleeding, they bleed just as easily as any other Shimano brake on the market.”. ?EBC Brakes "R" suffix bicycle replacement brake pads are an organic compound suitable for use on all rotor types. When I did all this and did a sustained downhill run (around 10 mins after a 1000ft fire road climb), it resulted in a HUGE difference in braking power. SHIMANO BR-M447 BR-M395 BL-M506 BL-M425 BL-M396 BL-M395 BR-MT520 BL-MT501 DEORE XT (Trekking) BL-T785-B DEORE LX (Trekking) BR-T675 BL-T675 BL-T675-B DEORE (Trekking) BR-T615 BL-T615 Mount adapter SM-MA-F180P/P2 Dealer's Manual ROAD MTB Trekking City Touring/ Comfort Bike URBAN SPORT E-BIKE Hydraulic Disc Brake Once you’re hammering down the trail they just work, and they work well. Cons (kinda, not really): Larger Area Pad Break-In (potentially), Pressure loss when inverted. As bicycle discs use a 6 bolt standard centre hub internationally, you have a choice of either upgrading to a contour disc or full circle. But that is the terrain and rider’s fault, not the bike. After some research, it was confirmed by Shimano that the MT501 lever is identical to the M6000 lever, better known as “Deore,” which we’ve … And 2. we’ve given you four different scores below to give you a very quick flavour of how good Shimano BL-MT501-BR-MT520 4 Pot Disc Brake is. Shimano MT520 4-Piston Caliper. As bicycle discs use a 6 bolt standard centre hub internationally, you have a choice of either upgrading to a contour disc or full circle. The only issue I had is when I stand the bike vertically (to maneuver around the garage), and bring it back down, I lose all pressure and the lever goes to the bars. The front caliper is too small. We sell the entire range of brake pads and brake discs from EBC Brakes for the SHIMANO BR-MT520. Loading... Black. these are making me nuts…. Click on the relevent tab to view your parts. Singletracks Merch | Its pistons are heat insulated for an improved control of brake pad wear. 4-Piston-Brake Caliper; Brake Caliper for Postmount Brake; For front or rear mount; Product features. I’m actually glad the previous caliper failed as the extra power was sorely needed on the front of my bike (Process 134). The MT501/MT520's 4-piston caliper is what sets it apart from Shimano's other budget brakes. (I ordered the D02S pad). Tell us about the features. Please contact the e-mail above with your availability and we will do our best to accommodate your vehicle. I suggested that these brakes were (in my opinion) a good upgrade to guides, and many other stock brakes, as they are significantly more powerful. Our budget brake of choice for two years running, the Deore M6000 is one of those products that begs the question, why spend more? Very good brake, very good dosing, good braking power for an everyday bike or touring. SagePay offers the consumer the ability to use following programs, Verified By Visa and MasterCard SecureCode for added customer security. Not long ago I crashed and ruined one of the levers on these brakes, and replaced with a regular M8000 XT lever, working fine. Prime Shimano Road Disc Brake Pads is rated 4.7 out of 5 by 7. Pros: Price, 4-Piston Power, Heat management Put together with ergonomic levers and large 203 mm rotors, this setup inspires confidence through consistent and reliable braking. The calipers 2-piece construction is also lightweight and incredibly stiff, so you can be sure that none of the power generated is going to waste; these are designed to slow you down in a hurry! I actually endo’d/OTB’d a few times in practice before I got used to the power and weight transfer required to brake hard. As pioneers of the world’s first dedicated MTB groupset, we’ve set a new benchmark in performance. I was riding down my driveway braking from 15-5mph continuously, but it seemed the 2 minute climb back up was cooling the brakes too quick. To put this in perspective, the MT520 4-piston caliper noticeably bends my Pike backwards on pavement, and will lock up the tire on dirt with no questions asked. Like 0 Tweet 0 Pin it 0. If you cannot find the make and model of your vehicle you may submit a custom parts request here. Are they similar to the modulation and power of Shimano M8020 ? Shimano BL-MT501 & BR-MT520 Post Mount Hydraulic Disc Brake isn’t rubbish, it actually scored very highly. However reliability was not a factor in my suggestion that the MT520 is a better brake. We sell the entire range of brake pads and brake discs from EBC Brakes for the SHIMANO BR-MT520 . And 2. we’ve given you four different scores below to give you a very quick flavour of how good Shimano BL-MT501 & BR-MT520 Post Mount Hydraulic Disc Brake is. The pads are fitted using a split pin, rather than a threaded bolt. The existing 160mm disc will convert into a 180mm full circle type brake disc with this kit. The BL-MT501/BR-MT520 brakes are sold as a full brake with the BR MT520 caliper and the BL MT501 lever. The new MT520 brake set is no different. The lever feel is good. On a hill or steep descent, engage the lever and drag the brakes for 15-20 … This kind of power on a 30% grade rock garden is appreciated, because you often only have a split second to place your front wheel and brake hard. it was the lowest point. Shimano BR-MT520 – D02S Brake 4 Piston Multi compound disc brake pads; H01A; H03C; M820; M810; ZEE BR-M640; Shimano Saint; WARNING: PADS MUST BE BEDDED FOR OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE Step 1. It’s also fair to assume that there is a weight penalty, but Shimano doesn’t provide a claimed weight for these or their XT 4-piston brakes. Is it the rear brake you’re having problems with? Out of Stock. The brake lever delivers high-powered mountain biking SERVO WAVE performance, and I-spec II compatibility. So even without finned pads, these brakes manage heat well. With an upcoming race, I refinished the rotors and metallic pads with scotchbrite multiple times, cleaning them with alcohol after and heat treating the pads to push out contaminants. Fun Note: These brakes are spec’d on the base level 2020 Rocky Mountain Slayer 30, and while they’re no SLX or XT, I’d wager a bet, given the bikes intentions, that they’d produce dependable braking on a downhill primary bike, especially with modified finned pads and RT-86 Icetech Rotors. Bike shops near bury, daventry, cheltenham, wolverhampton, newport, nottingham, lancaster, preston, southport, Leeds My gripe with that bike is the MT400 hubs (WTH?). I could not find the pads for these in stock anywhere in town, had to order them online. 203mmm front, 180mm rear. I have them and they have been rock solid with not one issue. item 7 Shimano Deore BL-MT501 bled brake lever and BR-MT520 4 pot Post mount calliper 7 - Shimano Deore BL-MT501 bled brake lever and BR-MT520 4 pot Post mount calliper. They offer excellent value for money, no matter which budget you have. Best Bike Trails | But one pump and pressure is back. Use: MTB / Trekking; Model: BR-MT520; Brake type: Disc-Brake; Mount: front / rear; Brake mounting: Postmount; Brake pads: D01S Resin … @pballerss I used the Shimano reservoir on the lever and then a syringe at the caliper to push fluid from the bottom up. The brake lever provides predictable control with the right balance of power and rigidity thanks to the SERVOWAVE high power brake … What rotor size? They have slightly more free-stroke than Saints and Zees, but have no free stroke adjustment. Most Popular Mountain Bike Gifts of 2020 (so far). it’s almost impossible to have bubbles on the tube but they seem to persist inside the caliper and the lever. If I had to choose I’d go for the 4-piston MT520s over the 2-piston XTs. Despite the design brief, this brake is also perfect for the budget enduro market, and will be coming specced on lots of entry level 2019 enduro bikes, including the Giant Reign 2 for example. Anyway, my brakes got their full test in the ESC Sugarbush Enduro race. SHIMANO Deore XT M8100 M8120 Disc Brake and Lever - Hydraulic, Post Mount, 2-Piston, Black 4.8 out of 5 stars 39. For no-frills performance in the budget-conscious trail/enduro/downhill/eMTB market, these brakes, retailing for around $100 per wheel, are an absolute no-brainer for the money. 1 x Shimano BR-MT520 + BL-MT501 disc brake, front or rear; 1 x Shimano SM-BH90-SS brake hose 1000 mm (front) or 1700 mm (rear) 1 pair of Shimano D01S brake pads; 1 x insert pin; 1 x olive; 2 x caliper bolts; 1 x bleed block; Rotors not included and adaptors not included; Best paired with the Shimano SLX SM-RT66 6 Bolt Disc Brake Rotors. The caliper needs to be the lowest point in the system and the lever the highest. The pads weren’t “biting” with that digging sensation I was used to and were getting worse. My setup has RT-64 rotors, 203F/180R and MT520 (4 piston) front, MT4xx (2 piston) rear calipers. We saw the four piston hydraulic BR-MT520 Deore brakes on the Liv Cycling e-bike we tested last week, the first time we had seen or heard of the budget brakes. MTB Podcast | Now it’s your turn to Make Your Mark. yes, I did reservoir on top, seringe at the caliper and today pumped 3 full seringes, bumped the caliper, bumped the lever, turned the lever, pumped the lever and a lot of air came out… brake steel sluggish and slow and doesn’t break. All fitting is carried out at our newly constructed and state-of-the-art �Centre of Excellence� vehicle workshop. While SRAM vs Shimano brakes does normally boil down to personal preference, these are 4-pot brakes. Save 5% more with Subscribe & Save. You could even say that it looks a little sleeker, however it does use the same (non-finned) pads. The hose ideally would be a straight line between the two. Read More Read Less . For more info…. JGbike Compatible Hydraulic Disc Brake Set for Shimano DEORE M6100 2-Piston, Downhill XC Mountain Bike, pre-Assembled and pre-Bled 4.6 out of 5 stars 39. I also dremeled a lead in chamfer to the pads to aid in reduced vibration (similar to a car pad). DO NOT proceed with payment through the website if you would like to request manufacturer fitting. In the car park test they feel very similar in that they have bags of power still, but have more modulation than Saints/Zees – which to me feel very on/off to the extreme. December 2018 edited January 2019 in MTB workshop & tech. Regardless of make 4 piston brakes are generally more powerful and have a bit better modulation than 2 pistons. Rear Brake: Shimano MT520 Rotors: Shimano RT66 203mm, 6 bolt Rear Derailleur: Shimano Deore M6100 Shadow Plus, long cage, 12 speed Rear Shifter: Shimano Deore M6100 Rapidfire Plus, 12 speed Cassette: Shimano Deore M6100 10t-51t, 12 speed Saddle: Nukeproof Neutron Seatpost: Brand-X Ascend dropper Remote lever, 31.6mm, S 125mm drop/M 150mm drop/L,XL 170mm drop Seat Screw: Vitus … Company